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Address: PO Box 734
Veteran and Military Discount: $100 off doula services or doula training for military and their immediate family.
Discount for our Healthcare Professionals (Discount Expires August 2020):: $100 off doula services or doula training.
A personalized message to our Heroes: Nothing can make up for the time your family has lost together while you serve our country but if I can help you receive the support or training you are looking for at a little bit lower of a price I hope that helps.
Website: doulaed
Phone Number: 435-709-2775
Business Description:

Birth, postpartum, sibling, adoption/surrogacy, and bereavement doula services. Childbirth and new parent education classes. Doula mentoring and training. Virtual services available.

City: Heber
State: UT
Address: 760 S Main St
Veteran and Military Discount: 10%
First Responder Discount: 10%
Special Veterans Day Discount: please call to inquire about our Veterans Day Specials
A personalized message to our Heroes: Thank you for your service
Phone Number: 303-905-4814
Business Description:

Heber Valley’s only CBD specialty shop. All products are locally sourced, grown, processed and registered in Utah – including products made right here in Heber!
All things CBD and Hemp
Pain Creams and Gels
Soft Gummies
Shampoo and Condition

City: Heber City
State: UT
Alpine Apothecary
Address: 84098
Veteran and Military Discount: 10%
Phone Number: 435-615-0070
Business Description:

Park City’s Own
Locally owned and operated, Alpine Apothecary is Park City, Utah’s own compounding pharmacy, nutrition shop, and source for all your skincare needs. In addition to providing compounded medications created in our local laboratory, we provide high quality supplements with guidance in their use, and effective cosmeceutical products. Our goal is for you to be healthy, inside and out!
A Message From Us:

Thank you for your service!

City: Park City
State: UT
Botany Bay Oils
Address: 275 N Main Street, #862,
Centerville, UT 84014-0862
Veteran and Military Discount: coming soon
First Responder Discount: coming soon
Phone Number: 480-532-3110
Business Description:

Not all hemp is grown the same

Our Hemp Farm is located in a pristine area of Colorado, USA. Why does this matter you ask? Hemp is known for cleaning the ground and air. It absorbs everything it comes in contact with including pesticides, heavy metals, even smog.

The Chinese and other governments are planting hemp fields near their most polluted cities to clean up the environment. Do you think they might process their hemp into CBD oil to off-set costs? The CBD oil coming out of China is incredibly cheap and could possibly harm the body. Botany Bay Oils won’t risk it, and we will always provide the purest CBD available.

Our philosophy is, if we wouldn’t use our own product, or give it to our family, we won’t ask you to either.

We use only USDA Certified Organic MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil), a systemically optimized oil that works perfectly with CBD Oil to get in your system faster and stay longer. These two oils team up best for your “Health by the Drop”.

City: Centerville
State: UT
Lifetime Vibe Health In Motion
Veteran and Military Discount: 20%
Phone Number: 801-901-1117
Business Description:

#1 Whole Body Vibration Machine
Endorsed by over 50 Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Assisted Living Communities
LifetimeVibe is the Mercedes-Benz™ of Whole Body Vibration machines. Developed by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Nurses, and Patients, LifetimeVibe is the perfect Whole Body Vibration solution. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, LifetimeVibe will be the last exercise machine you’ll ever need!

A Message From Us:

Thank you for your service!

City: Salt Lake City
State: UT
Purify Wellness Center
Address: 1064 S. North County Boulevard, Suite 160, Pleasant Grove, UT 84042
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Veteran and Military Discount: 10% off most services inquire within
Phone Number: (801) 854-5153
Business Description:

Taking wellness to the next level

We have both hot yoga and regular yoga classes for all ages and abilities. Our beautiful and spacious NEW yoga studios have entire walls of floor to ceiling windows for superior natural light. Our hot yoga studio features an energy efficient heating system that uses infrared technology to heat the room using 30% less energy. Our heating system does not heat the air, so breathing in our hot yoga room is not stifling, and the air is easy to breathe, allowing for more calorie burn during your workout.


We also offer many different therapies such as Utah’s newest Natural Himalayan Salt Cave Experience, Certified Organic Aromatherapy, Sound Baths, Sound Healing, Massage Therapy, Couples Massage, Foot Zoning, cutting edge Light Therapy, Color Therapy, and Electromagnetic Therapy.


We have proactive health energy screenings called Energy Mapping. It helps you identify areas you need to focus on for your best physical, emotional, and energetic health. We do before and after snapshots so you can see how your health is improving as you use our therapies.


Attend our free community, alternative healing classes taught by Certified Professionals in their fields. Come in and see what we have to offer or call to book your appointment today!

City: Pleasant Grove
State: UT
Strengthen Yourself Natural Care
Address: 190 North Main
Heber City, UT 84032

Veteran and Military Discount: 10%
Phone Number: 435-315-3177
Business Description:

Heber City Massage, Health Coaching, Skin Care & Energy Work
Strengthen Yourself Natural Care is a place to explore your health care needs, to gain awareness, and to heal. We believe that all people should be an advocate of their own health. Together in a safe environment journey with professionals to SYNC your body, mind and spirit. Whether it be chronic or acute illness or pain, a shoulder you wish to prevent surgery on, reoccurring migraines, nerve issues, PTSD or other stress related issues; sugar addiction, digestive issues, weight issues or other diet related illness; aesthetics, acne, scarring, hyper pigmentation, or other skincare related issues; you don’t understand what’s going on, whatever it might be this is the place to come explore your options, receive the guidance that gets into the source and learn to tap into your inner physician as well as discover the miracles for your body from professional healers that are both trained and gifted.

City: Heber City
State: UT
True Rest Float Spa
Address: 84604
Veteran and Military Discount: FREE float on the 11th of every month (max. 2x/year)
Phone Number: 8013961064
Business Description:

True REST is committed to helping veterans and active military by donating free floats on the 11th of each month – every month.

Float Therapy has been shown to reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and physical pain, as well as improve sleep quality and increase feelings of serenity and well-being. Clinical research has reported floating also has a profoundly beneficial effect on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other stress and pain related conditions.

A recent TIME Magazine article writes about neuropsychologist Justin Feinstein and his unique Float Research Center in Oklahoma. Dr. Feinstein shows how floating mimics the effects of meditation – and medication – by shutting down the “fight or flight” response that can trigger symptoms like nightmares and night sweats in PTSD sufferers.

Float therapy is an all-natural, holistic approach to significantly decrease anxiety, stress, and depression. Check out this story from a local True REST in 2019.

How to book your appointment – If you, or anyone you know is a Veteran who would like to float—call us today! Mention that you are an active duty military member or a U.S. Veteran. Be sure you book in advance as appointments book quickly.  Please bring your military ID or DD Form 214 with you to your appointment.

True REST Float Spa would like to thank the men and women who serve and those who have served our country. We look so forward to sharing the benefits of float therapy with you.

City: Provo
State: UT
Utah Yoga and Wellness
Address: 84049
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Veteran and Military Discount: 20%
Phone Number: 435-709-2097
Business Description:

“The logo of the Phoenix is a symbol of transformation; emerging a stronger version of yourself by embracing physical, mental & emotional trials in a positive, healthy way.   Learning to be ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ is what yoga is all about.  Manifesting this transformation through support and results is what UY&W is all about.”

Utah Yoga & Wellness was created by Elise Jones in 2015, as a venue to unite local yoga and wellness communities through connection, in a fun lighthearted way.  Creating “Unity in Community,” what began as promoting local wellness events & products for a healthier, happier community, has now grown into a family operated Studio/Wellness/Training center, healing retreats and community Festival in the beautiful mountain village of Midway, Utah.  

Elise envisioned a place like Cheers, “where everybody knows your name,”  without studio intimidation.  A space for physical & emotional healing, and to utilize her education in Yoga Therapy locally, along side other wellness therapists and professionals.  

Without seeking it out, the opportunity came to her.   After weeks of contemplation, she decided to create this welcoming healing space, only to see everything and everyone she needed contact her & fall into her lap within 2 days – even classes she hadn’t anticipated.   Everything just happened without trying; bringing the highest caliber of local talent together, creating the utmost professional yet friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere she desired.  Obviously this was meant to be.   

Striving to strengthen ‘Unity in Community’  in a town based upon this principal, Elise believes in the culmination of camaraderie, dedication, and a little laughter to achieve positive results and overall wellbeing.  Keeping it real and more personal, with familiar local talent, even creating the class schedule based on community input, brings value to the details you don’t always find in “big box” type studios. 


We hear on a weekly basis how comfortable and different it feels here. To  feel truly welcomed as you are, creating and noticing positive transformation. If you’re looking to find a fun and relaxing place to create positive changes  through health and wellness  (or a place to sit with a good book, cold-pressed juice or tea) no matter what your age or ability, come relax, sweat,  move,  heal,  breathe, laugh and build friendships with us;  a sincere community & family Tribe, where it’s not just business, it’s personal.  

Featured in Mindful Studio Magazine:



A message from us:

Thank you for your service!

City: Midway
State: UT