Many Americans celebrate Memorial Day as the unofficial kick off to summer, but what are the celebrations that hold a deeper meaning for the holiday? Here are a few.

Visiting cemeteries and memorials in remembrance of those fallen in war.  It was also known in earlier times as “Decoration Day”, placing flowers and decorating the graves.

Another tradition you may be familiar with is the wearing of red poppies.  The red poppy symbolizes the fallen soldiers.  It originated from a WWI poem called, “Flanders Field”.

Many cities host parades and incorporate military personnel and members of veterans organizations.  The largest ones happen in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C.

Each year a national moment of remembrance takes place @ 3pm  local time.

Presidents continue to commentate those who have died by visiting Arlington National Cemetery, laying a wreath on the burial ground and speak to the nation.

The missing man table is a ceremony/memorial set up at dining facilities for all the fallen, missing or imprisoned military service members.  Each piece on the table has meaning.

Thank you to all our nations military for your service to our country. Today we honor the fallen soldiers and their families for the great sacrifice that they have made so that our country can be what it is today. Happy Memorial Day.