Why offer a discount to veterans? What’s in it for me? But I already offer discounts to veterans! My prices are already cheap, why would I offer anything extra to veterans? Why pay extra so veterans can see that I support them? These are all common questions and statements that I get everyday from business owners. My response is pretty straightforward, “It’s important for veterans to be able to see, feel and experience your support”. Support is all around in our communities; however, I am only able to find it because of the nature of my job. Every day, it’s my duty to find and bring that support to the forefront so veterans can recognize those businesses that recognize them for their time in service.  As a vocal and visual supporter of veterans, you not only show your support to those who have sacrificed for our country, you are also letting those around you (potential customers) know that you care about showing your support proudly.

Fact: Advertising the offer drives traffic, plus, supports veterans mentally, physically and emotionally within their hometowns.

Many veterans don’t ask for discounts simply because it is less common to find than an active duty or first responder discount. Rather than hearing the same rejections of “We don’t, but we should”, “ No, but thank you for your service”, it has created a stereotype that it is rarely offered, but come to find that it isn’t being marketed by companies correctly.  This is why SUPVETS was created.  So, by being vocal and visual about the support, together as a community we are saying, “you are welcome here and we honor you.”


James Benway

U.S. Coast Guard Retired