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11Hauz Authentic Jamaican Food
11Hauz Authentic Jamaican Food

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In Mount Salem, Jamaica, lived a family of 11, being raised by Florence Harding, chef, mother, grandmother, and sole provider. Working 7 days a week preparing fresh meals for the Chin & Changs, (A Jamaican Chinese family who migrated to Jamaica in the late 1940s), Florence worked until her hands callused. When her shift ended, she rushed back home to tend to her family pot. Upon arrival, Florence lit the coal burning stove, Sheron Grant, (Head Chef of 11Hauz), would always be first to watch her cook. She was intrigued, amazed by her grandmother's handwork, and tasty meals. Sneaking a hot taste every time she could. Blessed with Florence’s authentic family recipes, and a delicious touch of her own, Sheron Grant, partner of 11Hauz, caters tasty, authentic Jamaican dishes, in the Park City area along with her husband Errol Grant and her two partners Nyesha, and Tanisha Hamil, (her daughters)..

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