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The Corner Restaurant
The Corner Restaurant

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Years ago, the Burgermeister Restaurant was started in Midway by Gene and Darlene Probst.

People from all over would come to enjoy the good food and immediately feel their warm hospitality.

After many years of giving their love through dishes like the Hot Ham & Swiss, Knockwurst and Rustie Potatoes, they retired and closed their business.

Then in 2017, Burkley Probst, a grandson of Gene and Darlene, went to his father Karl and told him it was time to bring back that same feeling to the community that the Burgermeister had so long ago.

That special feeling of having a gathering place for friends and family to enjoy has been missed.

At the Corner Restaurant our hope is that we can continue the legacy that runs deep in Midway through giving good service, making new memories over delicious food, and once again creating a place for family and friends to feel welcomed and loved.

A Message From Us:

Thank you to all our nations veterans for their service!


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