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Lux Teeth Whitening
Lux Teeth Whitening

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About Us: 
Lux is a locally owned and operated small business on main street in Heber City, Utah. Lux is clean, modern and comfortable. As a client, all you have to do is sit back and relax in their massage chairs, breathe in calming essential oils and listen to soothing music while getting your teeth whitened. Sounds pretty great right?
"Lux, is a Natural Teeth Whitening Studio. We specialize in Professional custom Teeth Whitening. What does that mean? We help client's achieve their Teeth Whitening goals whether it's a few shades brighter for a more natural look or 7 to 14 shades brighter for a more dramatic, whiter look. Both beautiful, but custom to each client. All done in just one appointment. (1 hour 30 min) We use products that are plant and mineral based combined with a cool blue led light. Our gel is non-abrasive and doesn't change or damage the structure of the teeth. I love seeing client's reaction to our services. But it's what you can't see, is why I love doing Teeth Whitening. The boost of confidence that Teeth Whitening provides is Amazing! I have had many client's come in and say they don't smile a lot because they are conscious of their yellow teeth but after our services, they can't stop smiling! Knowing that I had a part in that, is pretty amazing!
-Trisity Andra (Owner and Teeth Whitening Specialist)
​We hope you choose Lux Teeth Whitening and look forward to seeing you soon!
​A message from Lux Teeth Whitening 
“Thank you so much for your service to our country and its citizens”


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