Do you need your carpets, furniture or tile cleaned? After you use us, you will never search for a carpet cleaning company! Our main goal is to unite with customers for life, we take pride in our work and customer service. This is our family business, so anybody we clean for we plan on cleaning for forever. $37 is a bedroom up to 150 square feet, for every 50 square feet over that is another $15. We have a minimum charge of $89 to come out and do a job IF the things you want cleaned would normally be under $89. Hallways are $27, stairs are $55 for one flight of up to 14 stairs. Living/family rooms are usually between $45 and $75 depending on the size. Furniture is $15 per linear foot, so a three cushion couch is usually between $105 and $120. And a two cushion love-seat is usually between $75 and $90. We specialize in urine restoration if you have any pet problems, urine restoration is $50 per gallon. They will go in with a black light to determine how much they need to use. A gallon covers and saturates a 4 by 4 area, and then it is extracted even from the pad. We do tile & grout cleaning and can seal it. We use top notch equipment. The blower which creates the suction is ran off the vans V8 6.0 motor for maximum results and dry time of 2-6 hours depending on the circulation of your home. We travel from Ogden to Provo and cover all of Salt Lake County we can travel to Tooele area as well. Contact us to schedule Katie 801-888-1721 and Vince 801-888-0129 Find us on Facebook and like our page @unitedccut YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

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