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Kor Instincts
Kor Instincts

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The KOR instincts is an outdoor education and wilderness survival school. We offer courses on wilderness survival, wilderness medicine training, CPR and First Aid certification, outdoor yoga for your soul, and various other courses. Together we are seeking to build a community of prepared critical thinkers that grow to love and care for mother nature.

Kor Instincts has a variety of class and presentation along with partnerships to teach the youth to become more in touch with the wilderness and how to protect our land, seas, and air. These are lead by a staff of experienced instructors, our course provides you with valuable nature skills.

Whether it is a boot camp class or primitive tools course we want you to become proficient in your skills so that in the event you need to use them in a wilderness situation or applied to natural disaster preparedness there is no hesitation. Wilderness wisdom provides solutions for many modern environmental challenges.

Our mission is to bring together children and adults to build a healthy relationship with mother earth to learn to respect her gifts air, water, fire, and land. We also provide a variety of courses, presentations, and programs to meet the needs of our KOR community. Our goal is to create a community of awareness which educates, prepares you with valuable nature skills


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