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Western Pest Control Beaver
Western Pest Control Beaver


Pest Control in Beaver
A pest infestation is the last thing anyone wants. We know all you want to do is feel comfortable in your home. With nearly 20 years in the business, we can assure you that our Beaver exterminators will safely and efficiently remove all the pests from your home!

Our Beaver pest control technicians will provide you with top-of-the-line service that will leave your home protected from any pest. Contact our highly-trained Beaver pest control experts today to get rid of your worries!


Your Best Pest Control Solution
Put your trust in Western Pest Control and we’ll create a custom family-friendly treatment plan just for you. We’ll make a thorough inspection of your home to search for pests and identify the entry points. There are a variety of pests that can sneak into your home. Our Beaver pest control exterminators target many pests, some being:

Stinging insects
And more!

Not only will we remove your current pest problems, but your individualized plan will keep your home protected from future infestations. Our pest control in Beaver will leave you feeling safe in your home again. Don’t wait anymore, contact Western Pest Control today to get the service you deserve!

Guaranteed Results
At Western Pest Control, our highly-trained Beaver exterminators operate with great efficiency. We have so much trust in our experienced technicians that we offer a 100% 30-day service guarantee! If ever unsatisfied with our services, contact us at 435-383-4303. We will happily re-treat your home for free! We’ll always do what we can to keep our neighbors safe and happy.

Rodent Control in Beaver
Are you tired of sharing your home with rodents? You’re not alone. These destructive pests need no invitation to enter your home and make it their own. When they do, they bring with them diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella, putting you and your loved ones at risk! If you want rodent control in Beaver that you can trust to get rid of these pests once and for all, you want Western Pest Control. Since 2001, we’ve been protecting homes just like yours from rodents. When you partner with us for rodent control in Beaver, you can expect the following:

A detailed inspection to identify the severity of your situation
Sealing of entry points to prevent future invasions
Trapping and removal of rodents in your home
Follow-ups to keep rodents gone for good

Get a Rodent-Free Home—With Our Rodent Treatments!
Are you sick and tired of struggling with rodent control in Beaver? If store bought solutions aren’t doing the trick, you want professional help. Here at Western Pest control, we’ve spent nearly two decades perfecting our techniques for rodent removal in Beaver, meaning that you’re getting only the best when you work with us. In fact, we’re so sure that we can solve your rodent problems that we guarantee it: when you work with us, you get our 30-day warranty. If rodents return within a month of treatment, so do we!

Bed Bug Treatment in Beaver
Few homeowners know what to do when faced with a bed bug infestation. These insects use fabric items like secondhand furniture or luggage to sneak into homes, and their presence will often go unnoticed until they’ve established a large colony. For bed bug treatment in Beaver that will eliminate these pests completely and safely, look no further than Western Pest Control. As a 4.9-star-rated company on Google, we are committed to delivering pest management that goes above and beyond traditional treatments.


Get Quick Relief with our Thorough Treatments
Bed bugs are no match for our team at Western Pest Control! When you sign up for a treatment with us, you’ll get the following services from your bed bug exterminator in Beaver:

A comprehensive assessment and inspection by your exterminator to identify areas of bed bug activity.
A personalized treatment plan designed to meet your home’s needs.
Thorough treatments of all affected rooms.
Service backed by bi-monthly trainings and top-of-the-line products.
A bed-bug free home!
Termite Control in Beaver
Have you noticed your walls or floors bubbling? Does the wood around your home sound hollow when you tap on it? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have termites living in your home. Contact Western Pest Control, and we’ll come out and thoroughly inspect your home for termites. We offer comprehensive termite control in Beaver to get you the help you need and prevent costly damage.

Effective, Long-term Termite Control
Termites destroy the structural integrity of your home over time, but we provide reactive and preventative termite control in Beaver to save your home! Our termite specialists work diligently to give you the effective, quality termite control you deserve. For new customers, we offer free termite inspections, so you can experience the best termite control in Beaver!


When you choose Western Pest Control for termite control in Beaver, you can expect:

A thorough inspection of your home by our professional termite specialists.
A custom treatment plan to determine what action plan is best for you and your family.
Quick-acting slab treatments to completely eliminate Subterranean termites from your home.
Effective spot treatments to target Drywood termites and eliminate them at the source.
The use of bait stations to ensure long-term protection and to guarantee that termites stay out of your home for good.

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