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Western Pest Control Cedar City
Western Pest Control Cedar City


Pest Control in Cedar City
Here in Cedar City, our pest population is abundant thanks to our warm climate. Bugs and rodents become more active when the temperature increases and seek shelter in your home when the temperature drop. If your home is being invaded by critters, it’s time to get rid of them. Here at Western Pest Control, we offer residential pest control in Cedar City that stops unwanted invaders in their tracks. Our program eradicates a wide variety of pests, such as:

Stinging Insects
And more!
Providing Quality Service Since 2001 - Customized Treatments
At Western Pest Control, quality is our number one priority. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you’re getting the best service possible. Our exterminators in Cedar City are thoroughly trained in providing the best pest control possible. We are a team of technicians that take pride in our work, and we know a thing or two about getting homes pest-free. When you team up with us for pest and scorpion control in Cedar City, we will:

Inspect your home and identify potential entryway into your home.
Create a customized treatment plan to effectively eliminate unwelcome insects.
Provide family-friendly treatments using EPA-approved formulas.
Offer a 100% 30-day service guarantee.
And more!
From start to finish, you will be treated with the utmost care by our Cedar City exterminators. You’re not just another stop on our route - you are a valued customer. We really care about our customers, and we treat you like neighbors because, well you are our neighbors! We are locally owned, and we live around Cedar City just like you! When you partner with us for pest control in Cedar City, you can rest assured knowing you will be treated like a member of our Western family!


Evict Rodents From Your Home
Your home should be shared with your loved ones - not rodents. Not only are rodents capable of contaminating your kitchen with eating your food and leaving droppings in your cooking space, but they can also threaten the interior of your home by gnawing on electrical wires or insulation. Here at Western Pest Control, we provide rodent control in Cedar City that kicks rats and mice to the curb.

Effective Rodent Control In Cedar City
Rodents are no match for our Cedar City rodent control team. Not only is our staff highly trained, but they are also experienced, too. Our technicians have been safely and effectively removing rodents for years. When you partner with us for Cedar City rodent control you can expect:

A thorough inspection of your home to search for rodents and possible entry and exit points.
Recommendations for preventing rodents in the future.
Removal of all rodents using baiting or trapping, depending on the needs of your home.
Quality care and service from a friendly and highly-trained Cedar City rodent exterminator
Recurring follow-ups to ensure rodents stay gone.
Our rodent treatments in Cedar City are guaranteed effective. We offer a 30-day service guarantee, so if rodents come back, we will too. When you choose us for rodent control in Cedar City, you don't have to worry about a reinfestation!


Bed Bug Treatment in Cedar City, Utah
Your bed is the last place that should be infested by bugs. Bed bugs are known for hiding in mattresses, disrupting sleep, and leaving itchy bites on our skin. Unfortunately, bed bugs are some of the most resilient creatures on the planet. If you are experiencing a bed bug invasion, you need to act quickly. Thankfully, at Western Pest Control, we offer bed bug treatments in Cedar City that will eliminate bed bugs so you can sleep in peace again.

Quality Bed Bug Control in Cedar City
Here at Western Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our quality service. You won't find us performing a job halfway. We are committed to providing the best bed bug treatments in Cedar City. When you choose us for bed bug control in Cedar City, we will:

Thoroughly inspect your home to look for bed bugs and their hiding places.
Create a customized bed bug treatment plan based on the needs of your home.
Treat bedding, floors, walls, and more in all affected areas of the home.
Follow up after two weeks to make sure bed bugs are gone for good.
And more!
Our Cedar City bed bug control is guaranteed to be effective. If bed bugs come back within 30 days of our treatment, give us a call. We will return to your home and retreat for free.


Termite Control in Cedar City
Every year termites bring disorder into homes across the country. Oftentimes, this is because termites can go undetected for months or even years. There are a few signs you can look for to determine whether your home is dealing with termites. Some being: mud tubes, sagging floors, hollow wood, or squeaking floors. If you are still unsure if there is termite activity in your home, call our Cedar City exterminators! Western Pest Control offers termite control in Cedar City that provides a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Detailed Termite Treatments That Ensure Elimination
Having decades of experience in the industry, we know that our exterminators can provide you with the best termite control in Cedar City. With extreme precision and powerful formulas on your side, you can rest assured you will win back control of your home. Here's what else you can expect from our Cedar City termite control:

A thorough examination of your home by one of our technicians in Cedar City.
A treatment plan designed for your home and its conditions.
Slab treatments for Subterranean termites.
Spot treatments for Drywood termites.
Bait stations to prevent future infestations.
Termite elimination!

Ensure your protection today with our expert technicians and thorough baiting techniques. When you put your trust in Western, you have the opportunity to be completely protected from termites for as little as $29.77 a month! Call us today to learn more about how you can get started with our termite treatments in Cedar City!

Effective Pest Control - From Locally Trained Technicians
We here at Western understand how frustrating it can be to live with pests in and around your home. Thankfully when you team up with Western, you're in safe hands! We use our trained and certified technicians to ensure that once we come around, the bugs are permanently dealt with! We know that sometimes one service isn't enough to fully stop an infestation in its tracks. Because of this, we offer free re-treatment if you still are spotting critters after we treat your home. Along with this, after the re-treatment, if you are still seeing bugs, then we are willing to refund your payment. We stand behind our service, so team up with Western Pest Control today!


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