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Bear Paw Cafe
Bear Paw Cafe

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Grandpa made the best of the long, cold, Alaskan winters by enjoying gourmet coffees, exquisite pastries, and good company. Neighbors tromped through deep snow, windy blizzards, and sub-zero temperatures to sample his latest brew of imported coffee beans from Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, or some other far-away land where the soil, rainfall, and temperature lend themselves to growing the very best of coffee beans. Along with their steaming mug of freshly ground and brewed coffee, they were always treated to Grandpa’s latest pastry creation. Neighbors, friends and visitors would often plead with Grandpa to open a coffee and pastry shop so that his comforting delights could be readily available. And so, one day he did!

Grandpa opened the Bear Paw Coffee Company in Anchorage, Alaska in 1989. With only word of mouth as advertising, business grew briskly. Recognizing a greater need, Grandpa expanded his offering to include Belgian waffles made from scratch served with pure maple syrup, and Panini sandwiches grilled to perfection and made with daily fresh baked Italian bread. With a natural flare for creative cuisine, Grandpa loved to imagine and bring to life new tasteful delights that continued to please his patrons. Within a few short years, what had started as a simple, albeit exquisite menu offering, had grown to include dozens of unique breakfast and lunch creations that rewarded and satisfied Alaskans during those bitter cold winters and midnight sun summers.

Grandpa loved Alaska. He raised his family of four children in Alaska. But cold is cold and even the bold eventually fold, so Grandpa decided it was time to live where palm trees bathe in the sunshine and provide shade for those below. He picked St. George, Utah and opened the second Bear Paw Coffee Company in 1998 in the historic St. George Co-op Mercantile Building located at 75 North Main Street where it continues to serve and satisfy customers to this day. With an 11-page menu of made-from-scratch breakfast and lunch items to choose from, the very best of exquisite coffees, both drip coffee and espresso, exotic smoothies and drink creations, and an assortment of delectable pastries, patrons across Utah and even the country have come to know the Bear Paw as a truly iconic place to dine.

The Bear Paw Coffee Company, also known as The Bear Paw Café, retains the original recipes created by Grandpa all those many years ago in Alaska and that special touch makes a meal into an experience where hearts are warmed and friendships are made. Ask for me if you need anything. My name is Jackson. I’m the Manager and the third generation dedicated to preserving what Grandpa built and what you have come to expect. You have my personal guarantee on that.


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