2021 Utah’s Must Know Veterans Day Discounts

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2021 Utah’s Must Know Veterans Day Discounts! Happy Veterans Day to all of the Men and Women who have served this great Country. Today is a day to honor those who have served and their families both past and present, and to be grateful for all we have in this country because of those who

Memorial Day Traditions

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Many Americans celebrate Memorial Day as the unofficial kick off to summer, but what are the celebrations that hold a deeper meaning for the holiday? Here are a few. Visiting cemeteries and memorials in remembrance of those fallen in war.  It was also known in earlier times as "Decoration Day", placing flowers and decorating the

2020 Utah’s Must Know Veterans Day Discounts

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TO ALL OF OUR MILITARY AND VETERANS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND SERVICE.  GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!  If you are not on this list and would like to be, please email me at james@supvets.com with what your business is doing and we will get you added. If you are a business that

2020 State Of Our Heroes Mental Health

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2020 State Of Our Heroes Mental Health This report is to support local communities to be able to understand and identify how our Heroes are mentally struggling throughout our country and within our communities. Veteran, Military and First Responder Suicide Statistics So what is the State Of Our Heroes Mental Health? As we do

This Is What It Means To Be LOUD AND PROUD!

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Why offer a discount to veterans? What's in it for me? But I already offer discounts to veterans! My prices are already cheap, why would I offer anything extra to veterans? Why pay extra so veterans can see that I support them? These are all common questions and statements that I get everyday from business

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